4 Seasons Cat Hospital
4 Seasons Cat Hospital
Dr. Nan Moses
6926 Shannon Willow Road,
Suite 200

Charlotte, NC 28226
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 Competent minds, compassionate hearts and caring hands serving your family for the life of your cat.

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Our Services

4 Seasons Cat Hospital is a full service, state of the art hospital offering:

  • Preventative/Wellness care for kittens and cats
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgical Procedures - Routine and Advanced
  • Behavior counseling and instruction
  • Boarding
  • Grooming - Limited to cats requiring anesthesia and other special considerations
  • Dentistry including digital dental x-ray and surgical extractions

What sets us apart are the little extras:

  • Nail Trims are FREE with any other procedure.
  • Soiled carriers (and cats) are cleaned, dirty towels are bagged (and sometimes laundered if time allows) and replaced with a fresh absorbent pad for the trip home.
  • Longer appointments allow time for gathering historical information, thorough evaluation and implementation of a treatment plan. Also, cats are generally less stressed if we go slow and allow time for them to get to know us.
  • Quick eye, ear and nose cleaning is generally part of the exam.
  • We'll help you get your cat in and out of the car. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Important to know:

  • We have wellness packages specific to the needs of our patients in each stage of life.
  • Our facility is equipped with an in-house laboratory, blood pressure & cardiopulmonary monitoring equipment, Sevoflurane anesthesia, radiography, digital dental x-ray, heated recovery cages and full dental instrumentation.
  • Vaccine brands and protocols are carefully chosen to ensure the best and safest protection available and are continually re-evaluated based on new research and exposure risks.
  • We have designed a calm environment with to reduce stress for our precious feline patients and their owners.
  • We believe pain prevention and pain management are key to quality of life.
  • For our surgical patients, we use the safest sedative and anesthetic protocols including Sevoflurane as our gas anesthetic which provides a smooth induction and recovery.
  • We administer pre-surgical sedation and pain medication based on the anticipated level of discomfort. For additional comfort, we also have heated recovery cages and fleece sleeping bags to keep our patients warm & cozy as they awaken from their procedure. They are also closely monitored throughout recovery by one of our trained staff members.