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June 2016

We recently bid a sad farewell to our beloved Kokopelli.  We hoped he'd make his 18th birthday on May 5th but try as he might he didn't quite get there.  Kokopelli was my foundation male Maine Coon Cat. Chip's father and Marco's great-great grandfather.  He was my easy cat and got along well with everyone.  He spent his last 9 months at the hospital so that we could feed him many small meals throughout the day.  Many of you got to meet him. 

Kokopelli is a perfect example of why we are so passionate about staying on top regular exams and performing age appropriate diagnostics.  These efforts allow us to intervene early in disease processes when we can get a handle on them quickly and before they cause irreversible damage.  It is also generally less expensive in the long run.  Please see his whole medical saga on the interesting cases page which covers up to the point before we started giving him subcutaneous fluids.

Our trick for medicating him with so many medications was to put everything we could into a single gel capsule so that we limited how many items we had to give him each time. Eventually he did need subcutaneous fluids and he was not a big fan and he tried to leave the table most times.  That said the administration took less than 5 minutes and he pouted all of 2 minutes and went back to following us and begging for food and attention almost immediately. Less than 10 minutes of bugging him with fluids and pills per day improved his quality and quantity of life for years.  The other 23.8 hours of the day he was a happy boy. We realize there are cats that are just impossible to treat to this degree but many will surprise you.  If you stand your ground and stick to a predictable routine then many cats will get the hang of being medicated. Some even seem to realize that it helps them feel better. 

~ Dr. Nan Moses