4 Season Cat Hospital, PC 
Response to COVID-19 (Update 8/2022)

We are allowing clients in the building once we have an exam room available in order to minimize contact with employees and other clients in the reception area and hallway.

On arrival please call our main line at 704-752-5120 to let us know you have arrived. Please be patient and try again if you cannot get through. We are still answering additional calls.  We will escort you in when we have an exam room available. 

We are also still offering curbside service for clients that prefer this option.  Please call and place your cat on the bench in front of the building. A receptionist or other staff member will be out to transport your cat as soon as possible. Cats must be in a sturdy and very secure carrier to utilize this option.  This same process will be utilized for drop-off appointments and surgical cases.

For appointments and drop-offs: 

A team member will come to the sidewalk to take your cat’s history. You will then be directed to find an available parking spot across from the drop-off lane.  

After a veterinarian evaluates your cat, you will receive a phone call to discuss recommendations and a plan moving forward. Recommendations and estimates will be discussed and will be authorized via this phone call unless treatment is extensive then someone may return to your car to have you sign an estimate document. 

When services are complete, we will call to obtain your payment. Credit card payments are preferred, but cash, checks (stipulations apply) or Scratchpay will also be accepted. 

After payment please take your place back in line. 

Your cat and any medications or items to go home will be brought back to you at your vehicle. 

*Exceptions are end-of-life appointments. Please avoid bringing additional family members and be sure to wash your hands when you enter the building.* 

For medication refills and pickups: 

Please utilize the PetDesk App, e-mail us at or call us at 704-752-5120 ahead of time. 

Call us from your car when you arrive. 

A customer service representative will take your credit card payment by phone or a team member will deliver your medication to your car and get your payment at that time if cash or check (stipulations apply). 

If you do not have a cell phone please let a customer service representative know this when you schedule your appointment or before you come to get your products.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a fever, cough, lethargy or have reason to believe you might be sick with ANY condition, please avoid bringing your pet in. If we have seen your pet within a year, we may be able to do a telemedicine consultation over the phone. Regular consultation fees do apply for these appointments.   

We are sorry to inconvenience anyone. Please be patient.