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Hospital Staff
Jackie Jackie is our practice manager. She was promoted from being my assistant in 2012 after proving just how capable she is at most anything I ask of her. Jackie has a bachelors degree from NCSU. She had several years of prior experience at a dog/cat hospital but loves the quiet, relaxed environment of an all cat practice. Jackie is originally from Matthews where her parents still reside. She has a sister, brother-n-law, nieces and a brother in the Charlotte area as well. Jackie has a cat named "Kitty Cat" (Real original there, Jackie) and a rescue beagle named "Bagel" (Now that's cute!) Update 2014: Jackie has acquired two more cats, Mr. Grayson, a large bengal looking DSH and Marshal Lee who you may remember is the cream and white DLH we were trying to re-home earlier that year; the risk of working for a feline hospital. However, we can blame her husband, Dave, for that latest acquisition. Update 2015: Acquisition of cat #4, Sailor (aka Littles) a darling patched tabby female.  Kelly Kelly started with our practice in 2013. She grew up in the Rockhill and Charlotte area. Originally we hired Kelly as part of our kennel care team but she was quickly promoted to kennel manager and assistant. She came with a few other skills as well. We now call her "Ms Fixit" since she's capable of trouble shooting technical difficulties from equipment to computers. Kelly shares her home with her husband Jantzen and her daughter Tessa. They have a really cool tuxedo cat named Clancy. Currently Kelly is taking some time off to raise her daughter.
Ariel joined our staff as a customer service representative just a few months ago but she is smart and is catching on quickly. 

Photo coming soon.

Marit Marit has been working with us since 2014. Originally from Wisconsin, Marit moved to NC with her family as a teenager. She started out as a volunteer in a veterinary hospital at the age of 16 and never looked back. Marit has lived in many different cities, including 4 years in Kansas City where she worked at a hospital that specialized in exotic animals. Although she loves all animals, her true passion is for cats, so working in an exclusively cat hospital is a dream come true.  She and her 17 year old lab mix are graciously allowed to reside in a home owned by two "ginger" boy cats and a tortie named Tululah. In her spare time she enjoys music, reading, pink hair, and attempting but mostly failing at projects she finds on Pinterest. You will also note that she has a thing about cameras so if you want to meet this funny lady you'll just have to schedule a visit.
Jane Jane also joined us in 2014. She is part of our client services team. After a 30 year career in banking and software, she decided to make a complete career change. Now, being around cats all day and making special friends with our 3 resident Maine Coon Cats is a real treat. You will generally find her with her executive assistant, Dahlia. Jane and her husband Arnold have lived in Charlotte for about 10 years after relocating from Atlanta. They have 2 young grandchildren in South Carolina. They have also been pet parents to several cats and dogs through the years. They were both raised in beach communities and try to dip their toes in the sand and ocean as often as they can.
Ashley is our kennel assistant. She joined us in 2014. Ashley has a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Wingate University where she graduated with cum laude honors. She has volunteered at other clinics but loves the peacefulness of a cats only in boarding facility. She was owned by a sweet cat named Sinatra, but didn't have the heart to separate him from her father when she moved out on her own. Ashley has lived in Charlotte her whole life. She absolutely loves the chorus of meows every morning from Marco, one of our blood donor Maine Coons, and all the boarding cats as they say "Meowllo." Ashley Photo Pending Dr. Jeanette McGarry has been working with us about one day a week for several months and also covers times when Dr. Moses must be out of the office. She is from Bethesda, Maryland. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in a triple major of Biology, Chemisty and Laboratory Science from Nasson College in Springvale, Maine. After graduation she began work at the American Red Cross Blood Research Lab in Bethesda, MD, while working toward a Master's degree at the University of Maryland. It was at this time that she was accepted into the Virgina-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, VA. After graduation, Dr. McGarry moved to North Carolina where she has been practicing as a companion animal veterinarian with a special interest in feline medicine and behavior. Her personal interests are horseback riding, martial arts and painting albeit badly she says. She shares her home with husband Mike and the cats and fish who rule their home.