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Adoptable Cats




 Meet "Detail".  She is about a year old.
She was brought to our hospital by
a good samaritan when she showed
up at the woman's home with this
mangled tail.  There was a large
infected gash close to the base of the
tail.  The rest of the tail was dead.
She does still have normal function at
the base though.

These are pre-surgery photos.






 And these are her post-surgery photos.
Isn't her bobtail adorable.  Well maybe
not yet but in a few months when all the
hair grows back it will be so cute.
Detail already swish for every mood.

Thanks to the generous donations of
several of our clients through our
Felines W/O Families Fund
we were able to help Detail.  This surgery
literally saved the life of this otherwise
healthy young fibrant cat.  This type of
case is why we established the fund.
For cats that have noone to pay the
bills when they are sick or injured.



Update: 6/20/2013 Detail has been adopted as a companion for a another cat who was living in a safe outdoor enclosure due to inappropriate potty issues.  They will be good company for one another.  We wish Detail a long and happy life.  Behave yourself Detail.  You've got it made now.

Don't forget about Daisy and Precious - the twins!


This is Precious.  What pretty stripes.


 We thought Precious was going to the fearful one but she'll climb right in your lap. Daisy is more reserved but equally sweet.  They look like twins except that Daisy is a more full figured gal.  Their coats are as soft as a rabbit and shiny too.  They are in great shape physically.  No know problems.  Both have been updated on their vaccinations.


This is Daisy.  She has white paws too.

8/15/13: After a year with no prospects Precious and Daisy have been adopted by their foster mom.  We are thrilled that they have a permanent home but sadly we lost a really good foster home for any others that come our way. 

4/18/13:  Precious and Daisy are still available for adoption as a pair.  Their foster mom is adamant that they go together because they rely on each other so much.  They are very sweet and well behaved.

7/30/12: Amazing news on Precious and Daisy.  One of our wonderful clients has generously opened her heart and her home to these two girls as a longterm foster.  She would still like to see them find a home but would prefer to keep them together since they are very bonded to one another. If you or someone you know may be interested in Precious and Daisy then please call our office.

7/25/12:  This is Daisy and she has a sister, Precious, who is camera shy.  Their owner passed away and their time is up the apartment where they lived.  Family members cannot take them because their pets will not accept them.  They are scheduled on 7/26/12 for euthanasia.  The family does not want to bounce them to multiple foster homes or put them in a bad situation just to save them.  If you can commit to a long-term fostering or adoption of these two 8 year old girls then please call our office.  Time is running out.  Let this be a lesson to all pet owners.  Have a plan incase something unexpected happens to you!

Our Felines Without Families Fund is for cats and kittens that need medical attention and have no family to provide for them. We are not a rescue or adoption service.  We handle these homeless cats and kittens on a case by case basis.

If you are client or rescue who would like to list a cat/kitten as available for adoption then please contact our office for more information.   Listed cats must be Felv/FIV Tested Negative and be current for their age on vaccinations, deworming and spay/neuter when age appropriate.

We do have a bulletin board where we post adoptable and lost or found cats and kittens.  If you are interested in adopting a new cat or kitten please consider coming by and checking our board.  You may want to call first to see what we have listed at any given time.