Dr. Trosclair

Dr. Trosclair relocated from Reno, NV to join our team in June 2019. She brings another 20+ years of feline medicine and surgery experience to our hospital.  We are delighted to have her expertise.

After a few years in the Navy, and meeting her husband of 30+ years, Dr. Trosclair embarked on a new career in veterinary medicine. She completed her undergraduate and veterinary degree at LSU. Dr. Trosclair and her husband have 2 adult children, a daughter that works in the veterinary field and a son in the military.  Under normal circumstances they would be sharing their home with several cats and a Great Pyrenees dog but their daughter is caring for the house pets while they are renting.  They do share their yard with a number of fancy layer hens. Dr. Trosclair also has a passion for hybridizing day lilies. She says this is the ideal growing climate for her lilies and she is loving seeing green everywhere after years of brown in Reno.