4 Seasons Cat Hospital
4 Seasons Cat Hospital
Dr. Nan Moses
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 Competent minds, compassionate hearts and caring hands serving your family for the life of your cat.

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We are happy you have taken a moment to visit our site! If you have any additional questions then please call or e-mail us and our personable staff will be happy to get that information for you. (Please note, we do not check or respond to e-mails left over the weekend until Monday morning.)4 Seasons Cat Hospital

We are the only exclusively feline focused hospital in Charlotte. By focusing on a single species we can stay better informed on all the latest medical, surgical and behavioral medicine available to date for cats.

We take a relaxed yet professional approach to veterinary medicine. We always want our clients to feel like they are part of their catís medical team and never fear asking questions and participating fully in their catís care. We may get our patients on the road to recovery but we feel we also have an obligation to teach our clients how to maintain that care at home for a successful outcome and when it comes to cats that can be the greatest challenge. They seem determined to refuse medication and find strength where there seemed to be none to avoid whatever treatment they may need especially at home. We also have a detailed follow-up system to insure that we stay in close contact with our clients about our patients so that all questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner, necessary treatments and monitoring are not missed and preventative care stays on track.

Our goal with this hospital is to provide our feline patients with age appropriate care throughout each season of their lives, hence the name 4 Seasons Cat Hospital.

Starting with kittens, up to 1 year of age, we provide preventative medicine, behavior counseling and when necessary diagnostic and therapeutic care. Mature cats, 1 year to 6 or 8 years depending on breed, typically remain healthy but we encourage basic diagnostic screening with their annual exams to keep a record of baseline values and screen for genetic and congenital problems that can begin to become apparent. During this time cats often begin to develop dental disease. Blood screening, urine checks, blood pressure monitoring and twice a year examinations are particularly important for senior and geriatric cats, 8/10 years of age and greater depending on their breed. Early detection is always superior to waiting until the cat is sick enough for an owner to detect because even the most observant owner can miss the subtle signs of a sick cat.